MetaADEDB is an online database we developed to integrate comprehensive information on adverse drug events (ADEs). The information is extracted from U.S. FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database (CVAROD), in addition to the drug-related data sources. It provides comprehensive annotations for drug-ADE association including drug structure, drug target, drug dose, ADE annotations and patient information. The data statistics of the latest version are as following:

2,389,131 drug-ADE associations, 10,386 drug-like compounds, 23,026 ADEs, 37,131,851 FAERS report records, 840,550 CVAROD report records, 2185 approved drugs.

184,839 drug-indication associations, 3,861 drug-like compounds, 11,836 indications, 9,272,072 FAERS report records, 1,399,262 CVAROD report records.

19,432 drug-target interactions, 3,256 drug-like compounds, 1,730 targets.

Overview of outcome and patient age in the reports
Overview of gender and patient age in the reports
Overview of report type in 2017-2022