A Comprehensive Computer-available Adverse Drug Events Database

What is MetaADEDB?

Prediction and identification of adverse drug events (ADEs) play an important role in developing personalized medicines. Many ADEs are not identified during clinical trials until a drug was approved for use in the clinic, which results in adverse morbidity and mortality around the world. Consequently, we developed a comprehensive computer-available ADEs database (abbreviated as MetaADEDB) by integrating the comparative toxicogenomics database (CTD), SIDER and OFFSIDES, which connects 3060 chemicals (including more than 1300 FDA approved and experimental drugs) and 13, 256 ADEs. All drugs and diseases in MetaADEDB were annotated by the Medical Subject Headings and the Unified Medical Language System vocabularies. In total, 527, 216 drug-ADEs associations were created in MetaADEDB. The MetaADEDB provides a user-friendly interface to search a specific drug-ADE association, by drug name, ADE name, MESH or UMSL identifiers and similarity search.

Statistics of MetaADEDB

MetaADEDB (527,216)

The Degree distribution of drugs (A) and ADEs (B) in drug-ADEs networks of MetaADEDB.


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