About MetaADEDB

MetaADEDB is an online database we developed to integrate comprehensive information on adverse drug events (ADEs). The first version of MetaADEDB was released in 2013 and has been widely used by researchers. Here we reported MetaADEDB 3.0 by collecting more and newer data from the U.S. FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database, in addition to the original three sources. The new version consists of 2,389,131 drug-ADE associations between 10,386 compounds (including more than 3000 drugs) and 23,026 ADEs, which has an over 350% increase in drug-ADE associations compared to the previous version. Meanwhile, we developed a new and user-friendly web interface for data search and analysis. We hope that MetaADEDB 3.0 could provide a useful tool for drug safety assessment and related studies in drug discovery and development.

Citing MetaADEDB
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MetaADEDB is strictly for academic use only. Any commercial application should contact us at ytang234@ecust.edu.cn.

About us

MetaADEDB 3.0 was developed by Zhuohang Yu (current maintainer) and Zengrui Wu with the contributions from many people including Weihua Li, Guixia Liu, Xichuan Wang, Yadi Zhou, Jie Shen. MetaADEDB was originally created by Feixiong Cheng. The project is proposed and supervised by Prof. Yun Tang.