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P34972Cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB-2) (CB2) (hCB2) (CX5)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyCNR21269;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0006150441
Q8NER1Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TrpV1) ...Transient receptor (TC 1.A.4) family, TrpV subfamily, TRPV1 sub-subfamilyTRPV17442;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0005736622
Q13547Histone deacetylase 1 (HD1) (EC deacetylase family, HD type 1 subfamilyHDAC13065;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0005666153
P21554Cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB-R) (CB1) (CANN6)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyCNR11268;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0005283144
O00519Fatty-acid amide hydrolase 1 (EC (Anandamide amidohydrolase 1) (Oleamide ...Amidase familyFAAH2166;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0005236235
Q9UBY5Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 3 (LPA receptor 3) (LPA-3) (Lysophosphatidic acid ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyLPAR323566;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0004764946
P35372Mu-type opioid receptor (M-OR-1) (MOR-1) (Mu opiate receptor) (Mu opioid ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyOPRM14988;Homo sapiens (Human)0.000462327
Q9Y5N1Histamine H3 receptor (H3R) (HH3R) (G-protein coupled receptor 97)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyHRH311255;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0004318658
P61073C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 (CXC-R4) (CXCR-4) (FB22) (Fusin) (HM89) ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyCXCR47852;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0004084439
Q9Y4D2Sn1-specific diacylglycerol lipase alpha (DGL-alpha) (EC 3.1.1.-) (Neural stem cell-derived ...AB hydrolase superfamily, Lipase familyDAGLA747;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00039483610
P09960Leukotriene A-4 hydrolase (LTA-4 hydrolase) (EC (Leukotriene A(4) hydrolase)Peptidase M1 familyLTA4H4048;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00039427711
P41143Delta-type opioid receptor (D-OR-1) (DOR-1)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyOPRD14985;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0003842512
P14324Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase (FPP synthase) (FPS) (EC ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate ...FPP/GGPP synthase familyFDPS2224;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00038220513
Q9UBN7Histone deacetylase 6 (HD6) (EC deacetylase family, HD type 2 subfamilyHDAC610013;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00035724314
P23141Liver carboxylesterase 1 (Acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase) (ACAT) (Brain carboxylesterase hBr1) ...Type-B carboxylesterase/lipase familyCES11066;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00035700115
P34913Bifunctional epoxide hydrolase 2 [Includes: Cytosolic epoxide hydrolase 2 (CEH) ...AB hydrolase superfamily, Epoxide hydrolase familyEPHX22053;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00034670816
Q9BY41Histone deacetylase 8 (HD8) (EC deacetylase family, HD type 1 subfamilyHDAC855869;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00033276317
Q9H3N8Histamine H4 receptor (H4R) (HH4R) (AXOR35) (G-protein coupled receptor 105) ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyHRH459340;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032990118
P27487Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (EC (ADABP) (Adenosine deaminase complexing protein ...Peptidase S9B family, DPPIV subfamilyDPP41803;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032786619
P41145Kappa-type opioid receptor (K-OR-1) (KOR-1)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyOPRK14986;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032354420
P29275Adenosine receptor A2bG-protein coupled receptor 1 familyADORA2B136;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032303921
O15379Histone deacetylase 3 (HD3) (EC (RPD3-2) (SMAP45)Histone deacetylase family, HD type 1 subfamilyHDAC38841;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032167222
Q92769Histone deacetylase 2 (HD2) (EC deacetylase family, HD type 1 subfamilyHDAC23066;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00032132523
P00734Prothrombin (EC (Coagulation factor II) [Cleaved into: Activation peptide ...Peptidase S1 familyF22147;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00031255424
P35228Nitric oxide synthase, inducible (EC (Hepatocyte NOS) (HEP-NOS) (Inducible ...NOS familyNOS24843;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00031080225
O95749Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase (GGPP synthase) (GGPPSase) (EC 2.5.1.-) ((2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate ...FPP/GGPP synthase familyGGPS19453;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00030669726
P25774Cathepsin S (EC C1 familyCTSS1520;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00030563227
P35367Histamine H1 receptor (H1R) (HH1R)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyHRH13269;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00030402328
Q9HBW0Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 2 (LPA receptor 2) (LPA-2) (Lysophosphatidic acid ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyLPAR29170;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00030287429
P43235Cathepsin K (EC (Cathepsin O) (Cathepsin O2) (Cathepsin X)Peptidase C1 familyCTSK1513;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00029443330
P282235-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2A (5-HT-2) (5-HT-2A) (Serotonin receptor 2A)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyHTR2A3356;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00028218331
P30542Adenosine receptor A1G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyADORA1134;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00028172732
P29274Adenosine receptor A2aG-protein coupled receptor 1 familyADORA2A135;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00027951933
P23975Sodium-dependent noradrenaline transporter (Norepinephrine transporter) (NET) (Solute carrier family 6 ...Sodium:neurotransmitter symporter (SNF) (TC 2.A.22) family, SLC6A2 subfamilySLC6A26530;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00027773834
Q9NUW8Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 (Tyr-DNA phosphodiesterase 1) (EC 3.1.4.-)Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase familyTDP155775;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00027407335
P040353-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase (HMG-CoA reductase) (EC reductase familyHMGCR3156;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0002655236
Q92633Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 (LPA receptor 1) (LPA-1) (Lysophosphatidic acid ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyLPAR11902;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00026387537
P29475Nitric oxide synthase, brain (EC (Constitutive NOS) (NC-NOS) (NOS ...NOS familyNOS14842;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00026139438
P0DMS8Adenosine receptor A3G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyADORA3140;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0002593439
Q01959Sodium-dependent dopamine transporter (DA transporter) (DAT) (Solute carrier family 6 ...Sodium:neurotransmitter symporter (SNF) (TC 2.A.22) family, SLC6A3 subfamilySLC6A36531;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00025502640
P31645Sodium-dependent serotonin transporter (SERT) (5HT transporter) (5HTT) (Solute carrier family ...Sodium:neurotransmitter symporter (SNF) (TC 2.A.22) family, SLC6A4 subfamilySLC6A46532;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00025160941
P09874Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 1 (PARP-1) (EC (ADP-ribosyltransferase diphtheria toxin-like ...PARP1142;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00025045842
P56524Histone deacetylase 4 (HD4) (EC deacetylase family, HD type 2 subfamilyHDAC49759;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00024532243
P14416D(2) dopamine receptor (Dopamine D2 receptor)G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyDRD21813;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00023925144
P03956Interstitial collagenase (EC (Fibroblast collagenase) (Matrix metalloproteinase-1) (MMP-1) [Cleaved ...Peptidase M10A familyMMP14312;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00023682145
P22303Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) (EC carboxylesterase/lipase familyACHE43;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00023610746
P283355-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C (5-HT-2C) (5-HT2C) (5-HTR2C) (5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1C) (5-HT-1C) ...G-protein coupled receptor 1 familyHTR2C3358;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0002329947
P0825372 kDa type IV collagenase (EC (72 kDa gelatinase) ...Peptidase M10A familyMMP24313;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00022843648
P07858Cathepsin B (EC (APP secretase) (APPS) (Cathepsin B1) [Cleaved ...Peptidase C1 familyCTSB1508;Homo sapiens (Human)0.00022840549
P12821Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) (EC 3.2.1.-) (EC (Dipeptidyl carboxypeptidase I) ...Peptidase M2 familyACE1636;Homo sapiens (Human)0.0002267650

Job Information

Job IDSubmitted datePrediction typeMethodNetworkMolecular fingerprintOther parameter(s)
Target proteinsBalanced Substructure-Drug-Target Network-Based Inference (bSDTNBI)Global drug-target interaction (DTI) network (version 2020)Klekota-Roth (KR)α = 0.4, β = 0.3, γ = -0.6, k = 2, Top 50

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